Time to ‘BE FOCUSED’

The 2010 season is off to a bang with a big win down under. Leander Paes wins the Mixed Doubles Championship at the Australian Open with Partner Cara Black. This is LP’s 11th Grand Slam title, tying for the Indian record. CONGRATS LEANDER and CARA!!!

We are moving out of the off-season into tournament play for Athletes Training’s professional golfers. Suzann and Sandra head out this week, and Trevor’s getting ready to go! Skip is down under on the Nationwide, and we are following his scores closely. As we transition into competitive phases, the workouts will change and the players will shift to maintain their conditioning with on the road programs that focus on cardio, core, and bandwork.

Dave Wolfenden, Dave Herman, JJ Rivet, Trevor Immelman and Sean Hogan out at the David Leadbetter Academy

Dave Wolfenden, Dave Herman, JJ Rivet, Trevor Immelman and Sean Hogan out at the David Leadbetter Academy

In my last blog I mentioned I would share specific information about breath work. Simple breathing techniques can help you BE FOCUSED, push away the negative distractions, and put you on the pathway to the ZONE! Below are a couple of links to some great information that I use to introduce breath work to my athletes. I hope you find this helpful.





Special thanks to Mathais Lillieheim of the Norwegian Olympic Center for teaching some great new core methods and exercises to the AT athletes and myself. Also, many thanks to leading sports biomechanist JJ Rivet of Biomecaswing for introducing us to his innovative golf specific training methods and drills. Athletes Training is also proud to announce JJ Rivet to the AT advisory board. Thanks again for your support JJ!

A quick congrats goes to Yueer ‘Cindy’ Feng for her continued record breaking winning streak on the Florida Junior Golf Tour with another Win in January. Way to go Cindy! We’re also very excited to have the 2009 Optimist and US World Kids Champ Terrance Zhang in the full time rising stars program.

So until the next blog…

Stay disciplined and BE FOCUSED!!!
Coach D